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Fuchsia is a new, open-source, capability-based operating system. I spent a year at Google designing and implementing its text input protocol, which has unusual properties not found on other operating systems.

Slate is a open-source project that converts markdown into two-column API docs. Used by NASA, IBM, Sony, Mozilla, and others. I created it during an internship at TripIt in 2013.

The Pixel Debate Game is an in-browser multiplayer image guessing game I built as a contractor for OpenAI. They use it to "test one aspect of the debate approach to AI alignment". I have no idea what that means.

Anchors is a library for lazy incremental computations in Rust.

Crudite is a CRDT implementation in Rust.

Flexblocks is a minimal CSS layout library that tries to simplify and solve common bugs solve common bugs with spacing and aligning elements.