October 23, 2015


Mortalical is a wall calendar displaying over 100 years, printed on just 6 sheets of tabloid paper. The first year of the calendar is the year you were born. Displayed above every year is the percentage of people still alive at that age. You will almost definitely pass away before you finish the calendar. (More likely, you’ll get bored or lose it.)

Mortalical is an unusual project for me — I don’t normally design or code for print, but I found marking a physical calendar every day to be much more visceral than watching a dot tick by on a computer screen.

By crossing off a square every day, a user can come to terms with their own mortality. You can use it to stay motivated and keep an honest perspective when making decisions. I find it helps me take the right risks. There is also limited evidence that this can make your happier.

Instructions for creating your own are available on Github.