May 14, 2015


Square’s service is pretty snazzy — a no-fee online form that lets anybody accept debit card payments. However, sometimes I want to accept credit cards, or Bitcoin, or maybe I don’t want Square’s branding on my payment page. For fun, I made my own form during my free time this past week, using Stripe.

cashin screenshot

You can try out the test page at with the credit card 4242 4242 4242 4242, or if you actually need to send me money for something, the live version at

Want your own? Inspired by slackin, you can easily get your own Cashin hosted on Heroku with the click of a button:


You’ll also need a confirmed Stripe account to accept payments.

If you’re the tinkering type, feel free to view the source on Github. Issues and PRs are always appreciated!

Customizing the Form

A fun tip — you can easily pre-fill parts of the form with URL parameters. For instance, adding ?amount=$30&reason=Cat%20Sitting%20Services to the Cashin URL sends users to a form that looks like this:

cashin screenshot with default values

You can even pre-specify the user’s email with the email parameter.