January 7, 2014

The Future of Clockwork

tl;dr: Clockwork and GMHighscores are unsupported and unmaintained. Use at your own risk.

I still get the occasional email or question about Clockwork and GMHighscores (two of my projects from over 5 years ago), so I thought I would just quickly clarify the status of these two services. Both of them are unsupported, so I don’t answer support requests. Both of them are unmaintained, so they may be incompatible with new versions of GameMaker. Additionally, they might have security issues that may not get fixed.

I know many people continue to use and enjoy both services, and I will continue to keep them online in the near future. Understand, though, that there will be no more updates to features, and I will not respond to support requests.

If you have tips, tricks, or code to make Clockwork work with recent versions of GameMaker, or if you know of alternatives to Clockwork, feel free to tweet them to me and I’d be glad to link to your blog post or service from this page.

Thanks, and good luck with your game!

Alternatives to Clockwork