January 20, 2014

Introducing Quicknote for Alfred

Quicknote is an Notational Velocity-inspired Alfred workflow for faster access to your notes folder.

Download the workflow, or check out the source code.

Use Quicknote If…

  • You like Notational Velocity’s search and create feature, but would much rather use iA Writer or some other nice Markdown editor to edit files.
  • Your notes consist of a folder containing a bunch of markdown files.
  • You have bought Alfred 2’s Power Pack.

How to Use Quicknote

To search through your existing notes, simply type note into Alfred, followed by your search query:


If no existing notes match your search, you can press enter to create a new note.


You can create notes within folders:


or search within folders:


If you symlink folders into your notes folder you can access those, too. For instance, my blog posts are kept in ~/Desktop/blog/source/blog, so on my computer, I ran

ln -s ~/Desktop/blog/source/blog ~/Dropbox/Notes

and now I can access my blog posts with Quicknote:


You can also create templates for Quicknote to copy into new notes. Templates are specific to the folder that they’re in, so your Notes/blog folder can have a different template from your Notes/advice folder. To access a template, type:


The root notes folder also has a template, which you can access by typing:


That’s about it! Get Quicknote here.